Monday 29th April, 2013

It looks like the weather is set for rain again!

Today we head for Nimes to investigate the shops.

We have decided to hire a car for the rest of the week as it will enable us to visit places that are inaccessible by public transport and keep us out of the rain.

After some successful shopping we pick up the Chevrolet Spark from Nimes station. How marvellous not to have to wait around for the bus!

Saturday 27th April, 2013

Photos of Pont du Gard which we visited with Verity on Thursday afternoon. Uzes can be seen in the distance from the bridge.It was very warm but comfortable for walking and having a picnic.

DSCF2950 DSCF2953 DSCF2957



DSCF2964 DSCF2962

Friday 26th April, 2013

Up very early to catch the 08.30 bus to St Quentin La Poterie, where we had our three week holiday in 2008, for the local produce market.

No sooner had we arrived than it started to rain, just a drizzle and we could cope with that. We made some purchases of olives, garlic, cheese and sausage. By this time the heavens opened and we took refuge in the nearest coffee shop.

We browsed around the pottery shops, too expensive to purchase but lovely things to see…… then headed for the wine shop! Some purchases later and the heavens opened…. we took refuge in a lovey restaurant for coffee followed by an excellent lunch.

Home to dry out!

Wednesday 25th April 2013

Lovely sunshine so we took the bus for a return trip to Bagnol sur Ceze in search of more craft shops. Alan had seen a great website for patchwork etc. as well as a small cross stitch shop. The plan was to find a hanger for my completed beading and if it wasn’t available we would travel on to Avignon. It gave us an opportunity to take photos which we had forgotten to do the day before.

With great anticipation we approached the shop…… such disappointment to find it had closed down!

Not to be down-hearted we advanced to the smaller shop further down the street…. closed for lunch. We returned at 2.30pm, beading in hand so between my smattering of ‘crafty’ french and the lady’s non-exsistent english I managed to make my purchases. By this time the return bus to Uzes had departed but we decided to head to Avignon anyway to find the other craft shop. Success, found straight away and came away with a couple of charts. A good day out.

The photos show St. John the Baptiste church, Tour de L’horlogue (the Clock Tower), Town Square and Eve’s Patchwork Shop Wall….

St.John the Baptiste Tour d'horloge Town Square Eve's Patchwork Shop

23rd April, 2013

Lovely sunshine today so took the bus to Bagnols-Sur-Ceze this afternoon. Rather nice little town which sported four craft shops! How did I manage not to buy anything.
There also seemed to be a few shoe shops too.

We also fitted in a visit to the Musee de Peinture Albert Andre. Small but interesting as it housed pictures from some of France’s finest artists.
A pleasant trip followed by tea in a small tea shop back in Uzes.

21st April

Sunday: Yesterday we visited the local market. Unfortunately it decided to pour with rain as we left which made exploring the stalls less than enthusiastic. Hence no photos! There was so much to see but after making a few much needed purchases, we decided to leave it until next week.

The rain has meant that I have not needed to tend the garden here. It has been revealed that the indoor lavender pot plant that smells so sweetly and which I have been watering so carefully, is in fact, plastic! Put it down to too much red wine on my part.

It has been cold the last few days which gave me the opportunity to stay home and bead. My project is going very well and almost finished.

18th April


Another lovely day and the opportunity to get out and about to re-familiarize ourselves with Uzes wandering around the shops and little lanes.

We then took to the woods for the scenic route back to the house, stopping for a picnic lunch.

Mill stream bridge   moulindebargeton


17th April 2013


Lovely sunshine and a chance to sit in the gardenJennifer and unwind after our travels. I certainly needed to after all our travelling plus the stress of losing my suitcase with all my beading projects in it….. never mind the clothes.